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About Us

Dovecote Voluntary Parent Committee (DVPC)

As previously mentioned we were are a Voluntary Committee beco ming a Charity Incorporated Organisation in March this year (2017 ) made up of local parents and a variety of other people who are as passionate and caring about children and families living in The Leys as we local parents are. Please see volunteer section to find out more.

Dovecote Voluntary Parent Committee is made up of local parent who came together as a constituted group in 1996 to help meet the needs of young children and families living in a new development known as Greater Leys.  We provide various services with the aim of improving outcomes and life chances for young children, children with impairments and families experiencing multi deprivations and social exclusion. We have in place a strong network of support and partnerships working with a variety of local voluntary and statutory organisations some of them we have worked closely with for the past 19 years. Our work has been recognised by a broad range of statutory, voluntary organisations and trusts, at local and national level.

Achievements to date

The guiding principle underlying all our work is consultation with, and involvement of children, young people and families. A key is to maximise the use of the Dovecote a valuable community resource. For the Dovecote centre to be vibrant, fun, local community resource owned by the community in which it seeks to serve – whose lives it enhances.

The focus of our project is providing young children including children with impairments access to affordable good quality, safe and secure play opportunities and experiences not normally accessible to them. When the new estate was established the Children & Families Services Manager consulted with local residents. The need for out of school play facilities was identified along with family social and parenting support groups. The outcome of the consultation was the creation of the Dovecote Voluntary Parent Management Committee who developed the Dovecote project, which has been successfully running for 20 years working with over 1000 families.


With the commitment and dedication of the Committee, various volunteers and staff we have developed the following services for children and families:

  • Afterschool club, 1 sessions per week to now running three sessions per week for 16 children per sessions aged 4 to 12
  • Easter and summer playschemes for up to 40 children per session
  • Half term playschemes (subject to funding) for up to 16 children
  • Easter and summer playschemes
  • Weekly Stay & Play sessions for young mums and dads with young children
  • Purpose built sensory room for children with impairments and their families
  • Strong partnership work with a wide range of voluntary and statutory organisations supporting vulnerable children and families
  • Partnership with Mable Pritchard School and Aiming High for Disabled Children and young people to support local young children with impairments experiencing exclusion to accessing services to participate in our services providing them with the support they need
  • Setting up Leys News a free community newsletter distributed to every household in Blackbird Leys. Today the Leys news is an independent community news paper reach 5000 household every month
  • Development of Dovecote Afloat – narrow boat project bringing the magic of canals and nature to young people from the Leys. Sadly due to funding constraints this project came to an end August 2016
  • Provide support, training and volunteering opportunities
  • Extension of centre garden providing a larger outside play area
  • Creation of a sensory garden in memory of Councillor Val Smith
  • Developing from being a Constituted Voluntary Group to now being a CIO Charity Incorporated Organisation